SA Fishing Face Shield Review

We all need that feeling of the sun caressing our face and the wind whispering nature’s secret in our ears. Fishing is more about getting together with Mother Nature than it is about catching salmons. But before you go out there trying to connect; you better remember that you will probably be spending the better part of the day exposed to sun and the wind.

SA fishing face shield is designed with one goal in mind; to make your outdoor experiences as memorable as possible while reducing the damage to your face from the elements.With the SA face shield you don’t need to wear sunscreen since it come programmed with an SPF of 40 that protects your face from the harshest rays of the sun.

Outdoors is supposed to make us relax and forget all our stress for a while; the smooth feel of the SA fishing face shield allows you to relax and forget all your worries.Its moisture wicking feature literally pulls the sweat out of your skin leaving your skin cool and safe. The smooth feel of the face shield and the moisture wicking allows you to enjoy a day outdoors without having to worry about the damage to your skin.

Most of the face shields on the market are designed with only one concern; protecting against the sun rays. This often compromises the breathability of the shield. SA fishing face shield is designed using high quality materials that allow free flow of air to your skin while at the same time protecting your face from the bite of the wind. This allows your skin to breathe and avoid clogged pores thus regulating your temperature.

Since every person has their own style and individuality; SA Fishing face shield are provided in a wide range of choices to allow everyone to choose the design that appeals to them. There are more than 150 designs to ensure that you will get the face shield that allows you to express yourself while still maintaining your sense of style. The different designs also allow you to touch up your facial wardrobe every now and then so that you don’t end up wearing the same thing over and over again.

Although it is important to go out and explore nature, it is critical to stay protected. SA fishing face shield was created with one specific purpose; to allow you to enjoy all that nature has to offer be it fishing, hunting or off-loading. Enjoy the joys of nature with SA fishing face shield.

Pelican Enforcer 120x Angler Review

a) Introduction

Enforcer 120x Angler by Pelican is here to amplify your fishing experience. This kayak is suitable for amateur anglers. It is comfortable, sturdy and also light on your pocket. Its design and speed will make even an experienced kayaker admire it. It has ample storage capacity which will allow you to stay in the water for a longer time without having to worry about the extra gear you always wanted to bring.

b) Key Features

This kayak has many practical features such as flush mount rod-holder, a sit-on-top folding seat which is also removable, adjustable footrests, two quick lock hatches with easy-access, open cockpit, angler ruler and elastic bungee cords etc. The stern has a huge storage platform. The footrest system can be adjusted to 18 peg positions which will add to your overall comfort. If you are someone who is just starting out, this Enforcer 120x is great because it can be maneuvered very easily.

c) Pros


Comes from a reputed brand

Great storage capacity

Sturdy built

Large deck surface

Limited lifetime warranty

d) Cons

Built for one

Not meant for advanced user

Stability less than expected

e) How does it work?

Well, there is nothing much to do, just take the tackle box out of the quick lock hatch then find a place to drop your line. You can also use flush mount rod-holder as you begin this exciting journey. This kayak is simply the best when it comes to being user-friendly.

f) Life after buying this

After buying this kayak, you can not help but make your fishing expeditions more enjoyable and memorable.

g) Its price and competitors

The Enforcer 120x Angler is priced reasonably. It also fares well when compared to other kayaks. It is value for money product which is more of an understatement given the quality, comfort and lifetime warranty which come with it. If you are beginning your fishing journey or even a little bit experienced with a budget around $500-$600 then there is no second thinking about it, this is the kayak to go with.

h) Any other alternatives?

If you are thinking about other alternatives for this kayak then you probably gonna have to up the budget and most of the time you will not find a great difference in quality or any other feature until you have gone further than at least $150-300, which again is “you get what you pay”. But with this kayak, you are getting your money’s worth. So, if you are tight on budget or just starting out, this Enforcer Angler is a great choice.

i) What to do if you are not satisfied?

So suppose if you have brought home this kayak and now you are having second thoughts or something is wrong with the product. Fret not, if you have the authorization number from the dealer, you can return the product. Other issues of this kayak are covered under its limited lifetime warranty which should give you a piece of mind.

Entry-Level Pelican Trailblazer 100 Kayak Review

We look at a short Pelican Trailblazer 100 Kayak Review for you to decide if it is the right one for you.

Pelican Trailblazer 100 kayak at first glance
When looking at the Pelican Trailblazer you find it stands out, due to the two-tone Pelican color scheme. In addition will you find many novices on the water using this particular model. Available in ten colors you are sure to find one that matches your personal style.

Pelican Trailblazer Specs and Features
The trailblazer has a width of 28 inches and 10 feet in length. The footpegs are adjustable while the rear deck storage space is convenient, yet non-watertight. In addition, do you have a cup holder on the seat, while the dashboard offers a small tray where you can keep small items.

Trailblazer Materials
Trademarked Pelican RAM-X is used in the construction of the Trailblazer. Most other kayak manufacturers use
polyethylene, but this material stands out as it regains shape after impact with its impact-resistant technology.

Pelican Trailblazer Kayak Weight
If you are serious about kayaking, you will know that the average weight of a Kayak is 45 pounds. It could sound like a lightweight kayak, however, load that weight single-handedly onto a car, and you find out the opposite. The Pelican, however, is lightweight at 38 pounds, which is light when you consider its 10-foot length.

How does the Trailblazer 100 handle itself on the water?
Its attractive exterior features mean nothing when it does not handle itself well. Testing it on smooth, calm water the Trailblazer handled itself well when you consider its 10 feet length. Even though it is not fast, the performance and maneuverability are good for an entry level kayak.

Trailblazer compatibility in bad weather
You will find that the trailblazer does not handle windy conditions very well and you might not keep it on track, as it is susceptible to bad weather. You will not tip over though, yet you will find it handles with less confidence and water might splash into the large cockpit as you go along choppy waters.

Good price
Light weight
Various colors to choose from
Stable and well built

Does no do well in windy conditions and choppy water
Seat is uncomfortable for longer periods

Who is the Pelican Trailblazer 100 designed for?
When you consider its low price as entry level kayak, it is an excellent purchase. You can watch this YouTube video for a short review. However, it is aimed at individuals who love being on the water, without sinking a lot of money into a kayak. You will have fun while keeping your budget intact.

Field and Stream Shadow Caster Review

The stream shadow caster is one of the uniquely designed kayaks with excellent features. With its plenty features, it can serve fishers and all people that like to have fun and recreational paddling. The sit on top kayak is specially designed for only one person to sit on it, and it is ideal for people that are looking for a profoundly affordable kayak.

About the Field Stream Shadow Caster
The shadow caster comes along with excellent features to serve your fishing needs, and it cannot be perfect for people that want to peddle together as they fish because it only accommodates a single person.

Features of the Stream Shadow Caster
Among the significant features that make the kayak perfect for fishers are as described below:
• Nonslip deck and tri-hull design: these features enable the kayak to possess highly improved maneuverability.
• Lift Link seat: the seat can be raised up and flipped back or hence creating an additional standing room for its users.
• Twist Lock foot pegs: the pegs are ideal for you to make quick adjustments a breeze as you peddle.
• Stand assist strap: the strap plays a crucial part when it comes to casting out.
• Double twist lock hatch: the switch provides waterproof protection for your gear.
• Stern handles and built-in bow: the two features deliver durability and strength for your kayak to last and serve you for a long time.

Pros of the Field and Stream Shadow Caster
• Highly affordable: the kayak comes at a relatively low price, which makes it great for people on a budget. Despite its high quality, its price serves an excellent deal for anyone looking to have a particular kayak.
• Durable: the kayak last long, thanks to its built in the bow and durable construction. It, therefore, saves you the cost of purchasing a new one.
• Stable: the robust nature of the kayak makes it give you firm support as you paddle and fish.

Cons of the product
• Hard to turn: the tri-hull design of the boat makes it hard for you to spin the ship to make a better catch. As a result, you have to make several u-turns for you to achieve your target.
• Thin and soft plastic: the thin plastic makes your boat prone to damage as a single drill will drill holes in your kayak hence making it almost unusable.

The field stream shadow caster is relatively cheap than many other kayaks on the market. Though you can opt to buy kayaks like the ocean kayak torque, predator Mx and many more, they will always never beat the low price of this boat.

The field stream shadow is one of the highly affordable boats you can purchase for your fun activities in the lake or river, and it is super-fast and easy to operate as long as you have done paddling before. Its broad range of features is also incredible.

Lifetime Payette 116 Kayak Review


If you’re the adventurer type but you don’t afford to take long exploratory trips, then the next best thing you can do is to learn kayaking. A kayak doesn’t require a big budget and will provide you a lot of fun. We offer you our Lifetime Payette 116 review in order to make an informed shopping decision.


According to Sam’s Club, this Lifetime Payette Kayak is a “sit-inside” model. It comes with a comfortable backseat and a quite large cockpit. It’s one of the kayaks suitable for long paddling adventures. The Payette is designed for stability and safety. It comes with a stable flat bottom that features stability chine rails and deep tracking channels.

Design and Materials

The Lifetime Payette kayak is built of high-density blow-molded polyethylene. This choice of materials is making the kayak very durable, impact resistant as well as UV-protected. The front and rear carry handles and the 44 pound, lightweight design make the Payette kayak easy to transport back and forth the waterfront. The multiple footrest positions, shock cord straps, and an enclosed compartment with shock cords and a lid make this kayak a great option with lots of “extras”.


• The Lifetime Payette kayak is built with high-density UV protected polyethylene.

• The durable polyethylene will not crack, fade or peel.

• The kayak features a 44 lb. lightweight design.

• It comes with multiple footrest positions for riders of various sizes.

• The Payette kayak comes with a stable flat bottom and a large cockpit with seat back.

• The kayak features a sharp keep for tracking and speed.

• It comes with handles for easy carrying it back and forth to the water front.

According to Lifetime, the Payette kayak comes with the following main features:

• Constructed of HDPE

• Chine Rails for Stability

• Deep Hull Channels for Tracking Performance

• UV-Protected – Will Not Fade, Crack, or Split

• Large Cockpit with Seat Back

• Stability Chine Rails

• Easy Carry Handle(s)

• Paddle Keeper Featuring Shock Cord Straps

• Enclosed Compartment with Shock Cord Strap and Lid

• Multiple Footrest Positions for Paddlers of Different Sizes

• Stable Flat Bottom

• Sharp Keel for Speed and Tracking

• 5-Year Limited Warranty

Best Feature

According to Drowning Worms, it is difficult to pick up the best feature of the Lifetime Payette kayak because this is a very good entry-level model. It would be hard to find a better one for this price.

Worst Feature

Two worst features of this kayak model are tracking and capacity. Both of them would affect larger paddlers more than smaller ones. Under heavy load you may experience more pronounced tracking issues. Most affected by the small 250 pounds maximum capacity of this kayak will be anglers who need to carry plenty of gear.

Why Buy The Lifetime Payette Kayak?

• This Sit Inside kayak model has many useful features that would make any kayaker satisfied. It’s built of high-density, UV-Protected, polyethylene.

• If you want to make something strong enough to be able to withstand various environmental conditions, this is the material of choice. It can maintain a decent weight and last for years to come.

• When it comes to weight, at only 44 lbs., the kayak provides a weight capacity of 250 lbs. Taking into consideration that this model is a recreational kayak, this maximum capacity is pretty good.

• The kayak’s hull features a quite stable flat bottom.

• The hull comes with stability chine rails and tracking channels.

• The kayak comes with a pretty large cockpit and a comfortable seat backrest.

• It also features foot rests for comfortable paddling experience.

• Storage is provided by a little storage hatch on the back as well as the shock cords on the front.

• Excellent performance for a kayak within its price range and in this class.

• The Payette kayak provides good tracking and speed, gliding easily through the water.

• Its hull is made for great stability. The makes the Payette kayak a great choice for beginners with little paddling experience.

• Thanks to its chine rails, flat bottom, and deep grooves, the Payette kayak can be used as a very sturdy fishing boat.

• The product provides excellent value at its affordable price point.

• This durable kayak mode can easily withstand rough conditions.

• Coming with a combination of well-placed carry handles and lightweight body design, it is easy to maneuver and transport this kayak.

• You can use this Payette kayak model on the rougher water, as you can easily add a spray top. A very convenient storage can be found in the sealed compartment behind the seat.

• The Lifetime Payette kayak makes a good choice for people just starting to kayak fishing.

Pros Of Lifetime Payette 116 Kayak

• This kayak model provides pretty good stability.

• The Lifetime Payette kayak features a lightweight design.

• The kayak comes with a very convenient storage behind its seat.

• The seat is comfortable for long paddling trips.

• The Payette kayak comes with an affordable price tag.

Cons Of Lifetime Payette 116 Kayak

• While this kayak model provides enough space for bigger paddlers, it provides a limited carrying capacity of only 250 pounds.

• For this kayak model, some users complain about the sharp cockpit edges.

• The Lifetime Payette provides inferior tracking capacity, compared to other similar kayaks.

• For taller paddlers the fact that footrests are not adjustable may be an uncomfortable issue.


According to the Kayaker Guide, the Payette kayak is not the best choice for hardcore paddlers who prefer adventure in whitewater rapids. However, for a beginner or intermediate paddler who just wants to enjoy a comfortable kayaking experience without worries about his gear, the Lifetime Payette Sit Inside kayak makes a great choice.

You’ll certainly not regret buying this excellent all-around vessel. Our Lifetime Payette 116 review gives this product an overall grade of 8.6/10. When it comes to the price we give it 10/10, as it has a very affordable price tag. For features, we also grade it at 10/10, and for quality, we grade it at 9/10. For design, we give it 8/10 and for stability 6/10.

We hope our review will be useful for you when it comes to deciding for a good kayak to buy. We invite you to share your thoughts on the product in the commentaries section below.

Future Beach Explorer 10’4 Review


Recreational kayaks are good for those who are looking to relax. Whether you’re looking to get into the sport, or you’re a casual hobbyist a 10’4 kayak is the right choice. Among the 10’4 market, the future beach Explorer is a high-performance stable option for the sportsman or hobbyist.

What’s it like in the water?
The future beach Explorer sits in the gap between luxury and performance kayaks, putting it at the upper crust of the casual market. It is a durable stable and comfortable, allowing you to perform any of the usual activities of a kayak with ease. For its price, it’s good value and should survive years of proper regular use.

As a Casual Kayak
The future beach Explorer is one of the higher performance options on the casual market, for those who want to walk the line between the casual and the sportsman. The dihedral hull is stable enough for any rough spots you might run into on the river and the seat is adjustable for comfort. You can spend hours on any lake or river, or even take a multi-day journey up an easy channel without needing to bother with anything but minor maintenance.

This is not a kayak for the more challenging end of the kayaker’s spectrum. Higher speed or rougher waters can cause some damage to the craft or jostle the user. It won’t suddenly break or shatter for no good reason, but it won’t be comfortable or stable if tested too harshly. Still, in the case of unfortunate eventualities or unforeseen circumstances, it should serve nicely.

This is absolutely not the kayak for you if you intend to brave white or treacherous waters. While this is the sturdier end of the spectrum it is not a sports craft and should not be treated as such.

Occasional complaints have been voiced in customer reviews, apparently, some kayakers think the seat is uncomfortable after prolonged use, but this does not seem to be the prevailing opinion. Simply be careful to adjust the seats to your own specifications to get the right level of comfort. You can adjust the alignment of the back, seats, and foot well to ensure you can kayak in comfort.

As a Fishing Boat
This is where the future beach Explorer shines. This boat was built for a few long hours spent relaxing on the kayak, waiting for the fish to bite in shade and comfort. There is plenty of space in the cargo area for bait, equipment, the catch, and refreshments. With some molded-in cup holders and the stability ensured you should be able to rest the day away no matter what pulls at the line.

Storage and Shifting
The Explorer comes with a considerable weight, it needs to since it has the cargo space and the extra space taken up to ensure stability. For a one-person kayak the Explorer is a bigger craft than most, and if you’re going out on the water alone you’re going to have to do some hauling. It also has a slightly awkward shape, as most kayaks do.

To its credit, the Explorer does come with handholds on the bow and stern which can be easily gripped and used for hauling, and it absolutely needs them if you intend to carry this weight alone. If you’re with a group of kayakers, it might be wise to enlist some help. A strong person might be able to do it alone. IT would be wise to plan your trip to minimize the necessity of dragging or portaging the kayak.

Like most kayaks, the Explorer does have a slightly awkward shape for storing. While it’s perfect for the water it’s not exactly right for keeping stored for long periods of time. You’ll need to find somewhere flat and out of the sun to put it and clean it thoroughly after each use. If a kayak is placed or stored wrong, it can lose its natural shape and stability. Don’t place or lean anything on it.

The Explorer comes with the necessary holds, bunnies, and attachments needed to make it mobile and strap it to any vehicle with a roof rack. Even if you don’t have one it should be easy enough to get it secured. While it can be done alone it would be a good idea to do this in twos. While slightly labor intensive the loading and unloading process is a quick, simple one.

The explorer is designed to be a quality casual kayak, and so doesn’t require any special or additional maintenance on your part. A supplementary guide for the everyday maintenance of a kayak can be obtained here.

The Explorer, priced at $379.99, is at the lower end of the price scale for 10’4 kayak. With the stability, quality and brand recognition of the future beach name, it’s reasonable. The average price of a single person casual kayak is between $350 and $450 depending on size, weight, and performance.

This kayak does not have a lot of room for customization. For those who want to tinker or tamper with their craft, this is not the kayak for you. They do not require or accept a rudder system; significant alterations will void the warranty and a spray skirt should not be attached. A customer should decide whether the explorer should be bought or not as is.

Replacement parts can be ordered from the future beach website, look up the explorer and there is a parts section. There is no shortage of available parts for anyone who loses or breaks one and replacement should be easy enough. This is the typical advantage to buying from a large retailer rather than eBay or an independent site.

The Explorer comes with the standard future beach warranty so if you are unhappy with your purchase all you need to do is register the product by the serial number behind the seat on the rear left side. Once it’s registered you should be entitled to a refund.

If you want a regular’ kayak this is one of the better choices one could ask for. If it’s used and stored responsibly you should enjoy many happy years of good times on the water.

Top 5 Best Emotion Guster Kayak Review 2018

Today, Emotion kayaks are among the best kayaks in the market considering their features and comfort. They combining great value and good looks and have been used by hobbyist and professionals around the world. The kayaks are made in good designs that you handle well when on and off the water. They are well equipped with speed and maneuverability for all water bodies.

Overview of the key features in emotion guster kayaks.

• Rich design and lightweight
Simplicity is key in all emotion kayaks to get the kayak from the storage on to the water. Designed with super light features and medium prices and offer more features found in expensive brands.

• Scupper holes
Scupper holes are one of the vital feature in kayaks by regulating the water levels taken into the craft. The holes help the water to find its way back to the lakes and ponds. Certain brands have scupper accommodation which is not found in emotion kayaks.

• Paddle storage
Paddles are integral in any kayak. When not in use they are tricky to store. Emotion kayaks securely store paddles when not in use which is great feature to consider when purchasing a kayak as you will not worry on where to place the paddles.

• Shock Cord straps bungee
Bungee strap cords secure a cargo while on the water. Emotion offers cargo netting solutions. The nets cover the storage areas and also holds small items. This feature is mostly in kayak fishing designs sit on top kayaks.
In this emotion guster kayak review, we will look at 5 top products:

1. Emotion Guster Sit-Inside Kayak, Orange

This is a sit inside kayak model in orange color. Provides stability, comfort and performance in a versatile package. Made of high density polythene and a design that you easily handle off and on water and one of the fastest kayak.

What are the features?

• It has adjustable seat pad and padded seat back for superior comfort.
• The oval hatch beneath the deck provides added storage.
• It is equipped with rear and from handles for easy transportation.
• For stability and tracking the ST performance hull fulfills that purpose.
• It also has the rear and front shock cording straps to hold on to loose items.
• The kayak is 10 ft. weighing 275lb.

• Comfortable sit in.
•Seat is padded for comfort.

• Expensive.
• Only suitable for pro paddlers.

2. Emotion Spitfire Tandem for on Top sit Kayak in Yellow, 12′

This Kayak has a seating capacity for 2 people. It is a sit on top kayak, yellow in color and a weight capacity of 500lb. It has an amazing tracking and speed to get you to your destination faster. With the innovative easy to roll skeg wheels you will have a good day on the water.

What are the features?
• Built in ultra-lite seats and padded crs and 2 quick release seats with paddings.
• Features a skeg wheel enhancing easy transport and tracking.
• It has a storage hatch under the deck.
• Constructed with high-density polythene for UV protection.
• It comes with a 5 years warranty.
• It has 2 paddle keepers.
• Product dimension: 144 x 35 x 15 inches, 90 pounds.

• Incredibly stable on water
• Well equipped with a nice color.

• A bit heavy for one person to lift.

3. Emotion Kayaks “Guster Angler”
For incredible performance and versatility, emotion kayaks offers stability and comfort. Made of durable polythene for durability and protection from UV rays. Easy to use in bays, slowly moving rivers and lakes. Valuable for beginners and pro paddlers.

What are the features?
• Comes with rear deck hatch with bungee.
• A ledge lock paddling keeper for easy storage.
• 2 flush mounts for rod holding.
• Padded back seat and extra-large ultra-lite seat+crs.

• Suitable for beginners.
• Extremely stable.
• According to Martin D. Mitchell, he say he would buy this kayak again since it works out well.

• Cheaply made on the inside.

4. Emotion Kayaks “Comet 11 Angler”

Experience incredible kayak fishing with comet 11 angler that is full of wonderful features including a ledge lock for paddle keeping, a foldable down seat, adjustable footing brace, storage compartments and a cockpit.
It is a versatile kayak with increased performance for kayak fishing and a very light kayak.

What are the features?
• The backrest is padded with comfortable thigh pads.
• Comes with a crs built in ultra-lite seat with foldable convenience.
• Foot brace is heavy duty for good support and comfort.
• Rear and front toggles handles to transport it easily.
• The tank well has net lacings and a shocking cord.
• Built with foam blocks for added floatation.
• The hull design offers ultra-stability and tracking.
• Weight is 52lbs/ 23.6kg
• Capacity is 350lbs/158 kg

• A good choice for beginners.
• Perfect in stability and comfort.
• Durable and affordable.

• Expensive.

5. Emotion Temptation Sit-On-Top kayak, Tangerine, 11′
With a nice tangerine color the emotion kayak is a sit on top model. The backrest, rear tank well, scupper holes are all advanced features to offer you fun time on water.

It has incredible speed, performance and stability. The extra length add tracking and speed while maintaining good stability. This is the overall best emotion kayak with versatile features and lightweight.

What are the features?

• Made of high-density polyethene for UV protection and durability.
• Built-in CRS seats and padded backrests.
• The cargo has net lacings and tank well for storage.
• Beneath the deck there is added solace storage.
• It features a molded side for carrying side handles. Footwells are molded in for secure foot bracing and comfort.
• Comes with rear and front handles for easy handling and transporting.
• The scuppers holes are self-bailing for draining water from the tank well and the cockpit.
• The hull design gives great tracking and stability.
• Lightweight. 58 lbs.
• 5 years warranty.

• Great kayak with superior support at the back.
• Plenty of room for storage.
• Easy to transport with skeg wheel.
•Light weight
• Tracks well and stable.

• A bit expensive.
• Accommodates only one person.

Watch an Illustrative youtube video of emotion kayaks.

Emotion kayaks mission is to keep paddling as simple as possible. They are not complex to paddle and come with a variety of models distinguishing from one another.

Comparison of the top 5 emotion guster kayaks

Product length Weight color Ratings. Dimensions
Emotion GusterInside
sit Kayak, Orange
10 ft. 275lb Orange 4 10
ft. x 30 in. 304,8 cm x 76,2 inches
Emotion Spitfire
and Tandem on Top sit Kayak, Yellow
11ft 90 pounds Yellow 3.4 144
x 35 x 15in
Emotion Kayaks -Guster
10ft 275lb White 1 120
x 30 x 14 inches
Emotion Kayaks for Comet 11 Angler 11ft 52lbs Jungle green. 3.5 from the user Width: 30″ |
76 cm
Emotion Temptation
on top sit kayak, Tangerine
11ft 58lbs Tangerine 4 132
x 30 x 14 inches


Kayaks are not just a small purchase and the search and purchasing process should be considered in terms of quality and performance. Today, emotion kayaks are the leading for intermediate and beginner level kayaks in the market

In this emotion guster kayak review, we have outlined the top five best models considering the features, affordability and quality. Emotion kayaks are suited for fishermen or paddling enthusiast who adore to get on the water for adventures.

Hopefully, this review will help you in selecting the best emotion kayak to take you to the water.